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Conference Program

8:00 AM


Past & Present

A Brief History of the AYA Cancer Movement

8:10 AM

Archie Bleyer, MD (Oregon Health Sciences University)

8:50 AM

The Current State of AYA Cancer and of AYA Survivorship Care

Susan Parsons, MD (Tufts Medical Center)

On the Front Lines

9:30 AM

Struggling to Demonstrate Improvement:  Sarcoma

Michael Isakoff, MD (Connecticut Children's Medical Center)

Break (15 minutes)

10:20 AM

Experimental Therapeutics & Phase 1 Programs: Sarcoma

Lee Helman, MD (Children's Hospital Los Angeles)

11:00 AM

International Collaboration in Clinical Research:  Germ Cell Cancers & Hodgkin Lymphoma

Lindsay Frazier, MD (Dana Farber Cancer Institute)

Andy Evens, DO (Rutgers University)

11:50 AM

Conference resumes promptly at 12:30 PM

40-Minute Lunch Break

12:30 PM

Success Stories in AYA Oncology:  Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Daniel DeAngelo, MD, PhD (Dana Farber Cancer Institute)

1:10 PM

New and Expanding Focus Areas in AYA Oncology: Neuro-oncology

Kathy Warren, MD (Dana Farber Cancer Institute)

1:50 PM

Putting Lives Back on Track:  Onco-fertility

Natasha Frederick, MD (Connecticut Children's Medical Center)

Nadine Linendoll, Ph.D (Tufts Medical Center)

Break (15 minutes)

2:50 PM

The Patient Perspective:  AYA Cancer Survivor Panel

Rebecca Johnson, MD (Mary Bridge Children's Hospital) (Moderator)

Matt Maler

Rachel Murphy-Banks

Josh Smith

The Outlook

3:30 PM

The Next Decade of the AYA Cancer Movement:  Emergent Risks, Challenges and Solutions: Faculty Speaker Panel

Stuart Siegel, MD (Moderator)

David Freyer, DO  (Keck School of Medicine, USC)

Michael Roth, MD  (MD Anderson Cancer Center)


4:30 PM

Concluding Remarks

Susan Parsons, MD

4:50 PM


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